domingo, 17 de marzo de 2013

A teachable moment


Nacy Love was one of the lecturers I like most. I liked her way of teching: how she used her voice, how she put fun on concepts by showing jokes, the images she used, how she made us talk to a partner to discus a recently learn concept, and of course the topic was super useful!
Yesterday we were having lunch with the teachers and a lady holding her food dish got close to us and politely asked if she could share the table with us.
At that moment we realized she was Nancy Love.
We shared stories with her, laghings and a relax moment talking about kids.
When we finised, I mean when we let her finish her lunch, we took some pictures.
While I was taking the pics, I told Nancy that the teachers are showing a great patience to me, since I take a pic every single moment I can, and one of them replied: "But we love you, Naty!"
After the picture was taken, Nancy Love said: "This is the first time I listen to teachers saying they love their principals"
What she does not know yet, is that we are Christians and we have God´s love inside us, ready to share to each other. It is His love that makes possible friendship in despite of different cultures, experiences, backgrounds and points of view.
That moment comforted my life yesterday! and made my day!
Thanks Nancy Love to share with us yesterday.
You have a pretty surname full of meaning to all of us.
God bless you for ever!